My first legally binding contract (at age 11)

Recently my mother, while going through junk accumulated over the past 30 years, found a contract I made at age 11. I’m astonished that 1: it has so little spelling errors, and 2: this seems to be a legally binding contract. It has a date, the city where the document was signed, the names of both parties involved and their signatures. The terms seem to be quite clear too, and by now Kamiel owes me 356.05 Guilders (an extinct currency), or 161.57 Euro’s (or 207.09 Dollars).

Kamiel now has a company called Ruigwerk. I’ll make him pay up soon.

Here’s the contract, with the translation below:

Eindhoven, 17-3-1992,

Dear Kamiel,

Because I didn’t receive the 25 cents you borrowed before Tuesday morning at 8:45am, I would like to receive the money before Tuesday afternoon at 1:15pm.

If you have to stay in school during lunch I would like to receive the money on Wednesday morning before 8:45am.

If you don’t have to stay in school during lunch and you don’t bring the money this afternoon, you have to pay 5 cents extra, totalling 30 cents.

On top of that 5 cents will be added to the amount every day.

Yours truly,


R. Tomey

In agreement,


K. Vorwerk